Our Services


Office Setup

Perhaps your business is growing rapidly, or you’re just not sure where is the best location for you to setup your next office or branch. Thanks to our ongoing research and real estate activities, we maintain a large economic database and a team of real estate experts that enables us to identify prime locations for your budget and objectives. We will also help you get situated.

Office Management

Whether you are looking for a trustworthy office manager, or you just want to put controls in place to manage your supplies, inventories and customer service, we can help. We offer a monthly office management service complete with reports and cost management, including payroll, office expenses and petty cash management.

Document Management

We have a proprietary filing system based on best practices drawn from the legal industry. We can offer you monthly organization, indexing and physical filing of documents at your office or offsite at our storage facility. You can also sign up for our digital service, giving you secure online access to all your documents.

HR Management

Our HR management service is based on the extensive experience of our HR team in Kenya. We combine international interview best practices and local verification techniques such as skip tracing. Our HR services include candidate search, compensation research, job descriptions, job advertisement, applicant screening and verification, interviews, job contracts, negotiations, placement, performance reviews, labor relations and more.

Risk Management


Legal and statutory compliance is not easy in Africa. Many laws are outdated and seem designed to punish businesses and extract tax revenue instead of promoting them with a favorable environment. We can ensure your organization continually meets the many requirements of the country, industry and municipality where you operate.

Risk Mitigation

Do your contracts and policies protect your organization from risk? We can advise your policies, procedures and document templates to afford protection by law and mitigation of occupational risks. We can monitor your documents and transactions on a monthly basis for ongoing risk mitigation and where necessary, we can refer you to qualified advocates.

Internal Audit

You can receive quarterly or monthly reports about your organization’s compliance and risks. We have a team of forensic auditors with operations and compliance training and proprietary audit procedures, including random inspections that are designed to anticipate and mitigate risk without disrupting your business. This service provides a valuable security layer against financial, occupational and operational risks.

Financial Management


We have proprietary software and a cost-effective process for bookkeeping that enables in-depth analysis for improved financial management. We work closely with a network of qualified accountants and auditors in good standing with ICPAK, which we have vetted and for whom we can guarantee service reliability and quality. We offer bookkeeping as a monthly service, complete with monthly, quarterly and annual reports to keep you informed.

Financial Analysis

Whether you are trying to optimize your financial performance or you are struggling to understand the root of a financial problem, our team of financial analysts at Hawkhill Capital is ready to provide you with monthly analysis, reports and recommendations for optimal financial management.

Liquidity Management

Tired of financial surprises that send you rushing to the bank, usually too late? We can provide a monthly liquidity monitoring service that includes relationships with our network of financial institutions. We can identify liquidity risks and prepare you for them so that adequate working capital is in place and your financial expenses are optimized for your needs.

External Audit

Our network of licensed practicing accountants and auditors can provide quality assured external audit services on an annual basis. This is an important service for companies seeking outside funding from financial institutions and investors. Our reports are standardized for international reading, but customized to the unique reporting requirements of our clients.

Distribution Management

Distribution Planning

Distribution efforts must be nimble and responsive to market opportunities. Whereas a high-level marketing strategy can be helpful in defining your market scope and target customers, your day-to-day distribution activities will determine effectiveness. We can develop and update distribution plans to continually improve sales productivity and respond to opportunities.

Direct Sales

You can outsource your sales to us. We will utilize our national distribution network in Kenya and our full-time sales professionals to represent you. Terms and conditions apply. Quality assurance is a requirement for us to represent your products and services. Contact us for more information.


We offer our HR management service to recruit and manage sales personnel for you. Unlike our direct sales service, which is outsourced, our Sales Recruitment service will hire sales professionals to become your employees or temporary consultants, depending on your need. Learn more about our recruitment services in HR Management under Administration above.


We have rare international expertise in sales training and distribution management. We offer different courses ranging from development of technical skills for your sales professionals, to use of sales technology, sales management and large-scale distribution management.

Sales Management

For select partners and clients, we provide a solution to outsource monitoring, reporting and specific aspects of sales management. Instead of maintaining a large, fully developed sales force and management team, you can leverage our sales management infrastructure and receive monthly reports and analysis.

Marketing Management

Marketing and sales are often confused as the same thing. In our view, marketing and distribution are very different business sciences, which have grown into large separate industries in other parts of the world. Distribution is the placement, promotion and sale of a product to individual consumers. We view marketing as the planning, monitoring and management of all marketing activities, including distribution, advertising and communications.

Marketing Planning

We apply principles of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to our marketing plans. We view every media point between an organization and their target stakeholder. More importantly, we know how to build momentum and leverage media points and activities to achieve a greater impact. Our plans provide the tactics, performance targets and measurement capabilities to implement your marketing strategy.

PR Management

We provide a comprehensive communications strategy that focuses on the power of the written and spoken word. If you are looking for greater impact in your communications, we can design and implement multimedia campaigns for you including print, digital, radio, TV and press conferences thanks to our experienced team of journalists, producers and editors. We will manage your content to ensure consistent communications across your media points.

Brand Management

Brand management focuses on appearance and perception. Our team of designers can prepare your presentations, adverts, events and website changes to distinguish you from the market while staying true to your brand image. We can also provide regular reports on your brand’s position and performance. Contact us to learn more about our work

Marketing Management

If you would like to leverage the talent of Hawkhill’s marketing team on a more regular basis, you can outsource your marketing management to us. We will plan, manage and provide monthly reports on performance and your marketing return on investment (MROI).

Operations Management

Operations Planning

Operations planning is based on the management science of Operations Research and it can have a tremendous impact on your profitability. We can continually support your organization with design of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and operations forecasting so that you have the optimal amount of resources and capacity in place to service demand in your business cycle. Operations planning prevents excess overheads and holding costs while ensuring that your customers are satisfied with prompt service and deliveries.

Performance Management

Ever wonder about your organization’s productivity? Our proprietary Activity Management System (AMS) can give you regular reports on the capacity, efficiency and productivity of your organization in great detail, including products, teams and individual staff. We can also support continuous improvement in your organization by identifying productivity gains and process improvements.

Project Management

Managing a business is a full time job and few organizations have extra idle capacity to manage new projects. Our team of project managers is equipped with technology and training to oversee and drive projects to completion. If you outsource project management to us, we will provide the planning, set targets and provide you with regular performance reports until the project is complete.

Operations Management

Would like additional operations management capacity? Tap into our talented pool of operations managers to handle operations planning, optimization, reporting and advise you on strategic operations decisions as your grow your business. Contact us to learn more. Contact us to learn more about our work.